The purpose or intention of marriage is to create a bond between two individuals and in turn between two families and create a larger group of family and friends, and of course, to bring forth the progeny that will perpetuate the family name and the values that a family was known for.

But what the current trend says, not comfortable ? Move on… It sounds so simple and easy.

Divorce cases are skyrocketing now in every corner of the world. Everybody is busy shaping their own individual dream, ego and things like that. Hoard of claiming being right is so loud which leads to many failures and drawback unknowingly.

Matrimonial disputes, unlike commercial litigations, are more often than not, the consequence of a very acrimonious relationship between two people and their families. The reasons for such bitterness are often very complex but boils down to one aspect – human emotion.

There are laws defining what valid marriages are, and in the event of a failed marriage, how the couple can annul the marriage. Issues like child custody, visitation, property and investments make it more complicated to deal with when a marriage turns sour and ends in a divorce.

There is also an increasing level of unwillingness among couples to give troubled marriages another chance. Divorce is no longer a taboo as it used to be some years ago. This is another important factor in there being lesser hesitation in approaching courts for getting divorced. While on the one hand Family Courts across the country are bursting at their seams, there is a large number of couples who just start living separately without getting their marriages formally annulled by a court. Rather than solving the issue together they are turning to detective agencies the create evidences to fight divorce.

The most significant and helpless sufferers in divorce proceedings are the minor children. Often, they are the subject matter of very bitter custodial disputes and visitation issues, making them very emotionally vulnerable and psychologically disturbed.

And in many cases like these on the background of presentation of either individual in the court child custody is given to wrong hand.

It hurts so much to see such child suffering daily due to bad parenting and distance of their parents..

Great counselling and proper truthful investigation by a detective agency can help up to some extent..

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