Undoubtedly, every parent always looks for best for their child whether it is at home or school premises. And when it is a question of school, the foremost concern raised is the child security. Nowadays where we often come across the news in the news channel or in the social media regarding rising rates of crime and security threats in children, the security concern is obvious. A safe education upbrings great minds and boost the progress in learning journey of the students. The security and safety in schools is not only bounded or confined to the school gates of exit and entrance, rather it is must to counter many other problems like child bullying, harassment, any kind of abuse. So, security cameras in school helps in various ways –

Enhanced surveillance to ensure safety
Security CCTV in school has a fundamental role in providing security for students, teachers and other staffs. Just sitting at one place on one screen one can easily monitor every angular view of happenings in the school premises. It is fortunate that today most of the schools are using security cameras. At the time of some unwanted accidents in the premises the footages become of great help to the law enforcement for investigating the matter.

Administering student behavior
Security cameras can be helpful in monitoring the behavior and actions of students. Sometimes due to unavailability of teacher for sometime or when the mass of students gathers at one place it becomes difficult to manage the discipline and maintain the decorum but this problem can be sorted out by monitoring the students digitally to track the odd one. The school management can have control over many mishaps in the school whether at classroom, playground etc.

Administering teacher behavior
Putting students apart it is equally important to keep tab on school teachers. School can watch the way teacher behaves and teaches to the students. The evaluation of the kind of environment a teacher maintains inside the classroom can be accessed at any point of time.

On time vigilance
There are many accidents which can take place in school but at the same time monitoring the happenings in the school may help in cutting down major mishaps. It can be a life saver at times. The staffs can be alerted at the right time for right actions.

Detecting any criminal offence
The teen ages students are very much prone to various kind of violence in the school. Public schools have recorded 85% crime incidents, 45% of record of vandalism and 9% of teachers reported the cases against students of threatening. In such cases a CCTV camera proved to be of great importance in serving the truth.

Many schools are opting for different safety measures to maintain the safety posture of the school. Different types of cameras for school security are: BULLET SECURITY camera, DOME SECURITY camera and PTZ SECURITY camera. Any school or learning institutions must understand the vital role of CCTV cameras at their premises for the safety of students to show compliance with safety standards.

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