Due diligence is the kind of investigation which is done before any kind of business tie-ups or when one is interested in buying some product. It reviews all prospects of the target we are seeking for and can also be said the precautionary measures to ensure life-long safety.

Now, let’s simplify how due diligence is done to understand the importance of it . From an investigator point of view Due diligence investigation is done in different steps to determine which method is required as per your need to get accurate information.

Company/Individuals overview (HISTORY CHECKS)

Employees (benefits, unions & personalities)

Financial Costs/ results ( revenues, selling activities, cost structure)

We at Intellictual property, assets and facilities check

Liabilities and equity check

Marketing audits

Information System audits

Inventory checks

Production & reconciliation

Oftenly the best investigator in the industry uses forensic investigation, background screening, assets search, mystery shopping surviellance and financial chek and other corporate investigation in Pune methods to to find out how a firm funcions.

Though there are various types of due- diligence done like Legal which involves loans, contract, property employment and pending litigations, Financial due diligence which generally verifies the financial aspects like cashflow, debt assets etc , Commercial due diligence which considers business competitor assessment, customers, and management and then others segment / External due diligence which includes pensions, human resources, and IT systems.

So, there are many aspects which is considered in due diligence to protect one from taking any risk. Due-diligence is of great help when it comes to any corporate deal or an individual deal to understand the nature of deal happening and check the risk- involved in it beforehand.

Play safe & be safe!

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