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What! Counselling? Mentally I am perfectly fine. That’s the help for mental patients, not for me.

You might not think you need counselling or waste time & money on it. but you are worthy of support and investing in yourself. Discomfort isn’t a competition, and you don’t need to score high on it.

In our country ,India it is not uncommon to hear these sentences while talking about visiting a counsellor or a mental health professional. These myths have been ingrained in our society so deeply that anyone ‘seeking help’ is judged or demeaned. A great deal of stigma is attached to this field of counselling, especially in India.

The fact is Counselling is not the medication or any sort of prescription by any medical practitioners.

Reality is you need to help yourself and self help is the best help. Whenever feeling erratic, not doing great in business/employment, undergoing with bitterness in relationship, having difficulties in making decision, not able to gain confidence in any part of life etc.

Counselling helps in many ways :

• Letting out all your pent-up emotions. • Works on social and inter-personal concerns and helps in taking out insecurities and builds up ability to confront situation. • It increased self-esteem and self- love. • It helps to help you communicate more honestly and efficaciously with your significant others. • Enhances quality of your life . • Helps in understanding work-life balance . • Learning in counselling also helps in managing your emotions, appropriately expressing them, understanding others’ emotions, actively listening, etc. are the by-products of this process. • Helps improve in problem-solving and decision-making skills.

Our team of Best counselor in Pune at RAAGAM Consulting would be pleased to help you in any kind of counselling to help you live great, in serenity, in happiness and wellbeing!


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