Woman, it sounds like a sculpture of kindness, care, love, and power…

Yes, we woman have attained immense success in every field, whether it is corporates, sports, politics, or academics. With the encouragement of co-education, women are now marching side by side together with men, in every walk of life.

For many years, as I have ministered to women and listened to them share their hearts, I have been grieved to watch the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual devastation suffered by many women from different corners, who have been deceived. They have (perhaps unconsciously) rejected God's plan for their lives and gone along with the way the world think. They have been duped into believing the lie of society. And they are paying painful consequences in their consciences, in their bodies, emotions, and spirits, in their marriages, and in their children and grandchildren.

But the 21st century has brought a new hope and has empowered women in a positive manner. Earlier they were under the shadow of a husband or a father, but now they have established their own identity and are independent.

From housewives to CEOs, the transition can be seen at an accelerating rate. Modernization and the advent of the latest technology have widened hope and opportunities for them. They have established themselves socially, politically, and economically in almost every field.

They have struggled hard over the last few decades but still been able to successfully establish their own identity. Today’s women are adorned with patience and perseverance, which has helped them to attain the pinnacle of success everywhere. Earlier, women were seen only as housewives who were projected to cook, clean, and take care of their family. Today- along with handling tough clients at office, delivering all targets ,they successfully multitask at home too. Women are more focused and have a unique decision-making power even at senior leadership level, in the most optimal manner, and at times are in a better position than men.

And we must know from her creation, the woman was made from man, for the man and then given to man, to help him to meet his needs, by being helper… THE WOMAN finds it greatest fulfilment, because she is functioning as God designed her.

We are redesigning the world!

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