Teenage is the most difficult time for a teenager where they face many difficult situations. In adolescence which is also called spring age , many mental and physical changes occur which is gradual process of” MATURITY”. And these changes are so rapid and sudden that they look for quick way of gaining information’s basically about physical changes. Due to sometimes getting wrong information they fall prey to many misconceptions which adversely affects them in many ways.

Many parents think that monitoring on the kids is required till the time they are child and not when they are teenagers or adolescent.

Here we go wrong and when we come across different unacceptable changes in teenager worry us . Most parents of teenagers are concerned about what exactly is going on in their teenage child’s life which is leading to sudden behavioural and lifestyle changes, and they have started hiding many things from them.

Well, it’s the fact that when teens are given the privacy they need, it helps them become more independent and builds their self-confidence. As their parent, strive to strike a balance between knowing what your teen is doing, trusting your teen to have some private matters, and knowing when to step in and get a check done when things are beyond control.

So, YES, your worries are genuine here at this stage

Research shows that teens whose parents use effective monitoring practices are less likely to make poor decisions, such as having sex at an early age, smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, being physically aggressive, or skipping school.

Be vigilant with the actions of your teenager kids and help them with this biological change .May be your kids have fallen in with a bad crowd and have been indulging in self-destructive activities then it is time that you know about it. RAAGAM Consulting Services of Child Monitoring and educational counselling in Pune provide various ways to withhold the activities what your child is doing, their complete whereabouts, what kind of friend circle they have , any bad habits they are indulging with.

Our team provides you with a list of activities they indulge in so that you can be the judge and take appropriate action.

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