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Recently Gehraiyaan movie released and is the hot topic to discuss on past life, trauma, relationships, failures, and breakdowns!

It attempted to feature flawed individuals and how their past unresolved traumas lead to more vulnerable consequences and give birth to new bruises.

Well! The movie ends on a mysterious note, which may trigger Alisha’s (character in movie) traumas henceforth and get aggravated with any other setback in life until it’s resolved. Feeling stuck and helpless is well executed by Deepika Padukone. She makes it relatable for people who fall into this loop repeatedly.

Toxic relationship and infidelity are not new to us, which is shown in the movie, this has been heard from ages. The only difference is, earlier the involvement of men in extramarital affair was more in percentage because women on the other hand, simply agreed or taking their consent was ignored or they helplessly accepted it as they had no choice in it. Now the world changed by time and both men and women are equally involved in such relationships. One of the prime reasons that leads to Infidelity is the feeling of unloved, uncared, unheard, lost & not meeting the desired need.

Helplessness is a difficult emotion that makes it hard to tackle everyday obstacles as featured in the film. This happens to many of us several times. We feel everything will fall on place until an event from difficult past makes a comeback and haunts again and never let us have the future we wish to.

Therefore, the need is to free ourselves from the past traumas, live in here and now, talk , express get healed. This will surely lead to the desired future. It is possible and makes you the creator of your beautiful life ahead.

“Be Self-aware, look for helping yourself, your life is precious and it’s only you who can help yourself.”

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